Thixotrope for vertical and horizontal connections.


Tectflex-PU  is a 1 component polyurethane kit packaged as sausages that cures by the humidity and so a solid sustainable but very elastishe kit. Tectflex-Pu can be applied at every temperature. Tectflex-Pu can be applied in both vertical and horizontal connections.

Tectflex PU Properties

  • Tectflex PU is very simple and economical to use and consists of 1 component
  • Excellent resistance to ageing
  • Overcoat
  • Even at-40 ° c Tectflex PU elastic
  • Recommended for under water applications
  • Good resistance to micro-organisms and a variety of chemical substances
  • Suitable for use in drinking water tanks
  • Tectflex PU is very suitable for sealing connections in swimming pools
  • Good adhesion to virtually any surface without primer
  • Special primers available for virtually any substrate


Make Tectflex PU.

Recommended application temperature varies between + 5 ° c to + 40 ° c. Save for application of Tectflex PU in cold weather the sausages in advance at 20 ° c.

It is recommended that you immediately after the affixing of the kit Tectflex PU in the right form. For optimal performance, the ratio width up to depth 02: 01. The minimum depth is 10 mm.


  • Available in the colours white, grey and black.
  • Other colours on request.

Application Tectflex PU:

Tectflex PU is often used for:

  • General connection sealing of seams
  • Water tanks
  • Irrigation Channels
  • Cellar Walls
  • Prefabricated concrete elements
  • For concrete, wood, marble, aluminium, steel, ceramic, drywall, etc.


Tectflex PU satisfies:

  • ISO 11600 Type F class: 25 DIN-18540-F
  • ASTM C920
  • U.s. Federal Specification TT-S-11 Type 00230C class A


More information about Tectflex PU?

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